Military and Veterans Administration

Learning Services is honored to care for many program participants that acquired brain injuries while serving our nation in the armed services. We are privileged to work with VA Medical Center Polytrauma Units, Regional VA Medical Centers, and Regional Department of Defense medical centers nationwide. We work closely with the clinical case managers and TBI coordinators to develop the appropriate treatment plan for each person. Our treatment teams are experienced in addressing the challenges associated with brain injuries acquired in military settings, including post-traumatic stress disorders and other cognitive, behavioral, psychological and physical challenges faced by many veterans.

TBI Assisted Living for Veterans Pilot Program

Learning Services is proud to be a contracted provider of the Veterans Health Administration Assisted Living for Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury Pilot Program.

As part of the 2008 National Defense Authorization Act, the Veterans Administration, in collaboration with the Defense Veterans Brain Injury Center of the Department of Defense, was authorized by Congress to embark on a five-year pilot program to assess the effectiveness of providing Assisted Living (AL) services to eligible Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury. The goal of the program is to enhance their rehabilitation, quality of life, and community integration. Learning Services will participate in the project along with other regional and national providers to serve VA-enrolled Veterans with TBI currently receiving care in VHA medical center locations throughout the Polytrauma System of Care. In 2014 the TBI Assisted Living Pilot Project was extended for three more years.

For more information on our programs for the Veterans Administration call our Director of Admissions at 1-888-419-9955.