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Private Pay, Liability, and Auto Insurance Plans

Private Pay

Over the years, Learning Services has worked with many financial guardians to create private pay treatment plans. We are familiar with the various types of contractual agreements utilized for this type of payment and have access to resources for those needing legal assistance. Our Director of Admissions is available to discuss all options for these types of arrangements.

Personal Liability/Liens

Learning Services understands that personal liability cases can take several months to settle, especially when there is a catastrophic injury involved. The months of litigation can be a critical time for post- injury rehabilitation and the injured person’s recovery. Delaying services until a case is settled can affect the rehabilitation outcome, creating more challenges for the person to overcome. In lieu of immediate payment, Learning Services works closely with attorneys to establish liens against final settlements to cover the cost of the services rendered. By working together with the attorney and the injured person’s representative, we are able to provide comprehensive rehabilitation services at the right time to achieve the optimal outcome for all those involved.

Auto Insurance

Auto and motorcycle accidents are one of the leading causes of traumatic brain injury. In many cases, this places the auto carrier as the primary funding source for medical care. Learning Services has worked with numerous carriers to provide the necessary rehabilitation services to injured parties. As with all other forms of insurance, we work closely with claims adjusters to deliver outcome-driven treatment plans within the negotiated time frame. We commit to use available funding judiciously while providing the necessary services to achieve progress.

Automobile accident cases often lead to litigation, requiring expert documentation and testimonies. Our therapists have the experience and credentials to provide such documentation through the normal course of assessment and treatment.