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Home and Community Rehabilitation

Our home and community approach to rehabilitation gives patients the opportunity to learn functional skills within the comfort of their own living environment, providing the best preparation possible for increased independence. We provide coordinated services to support rehabilitation in the participant’s home, community, and social environment. The program helps patients:

  • Perform necessary household tasks safely and independently.
  • Safely navigate their homes and daily routines.
  • Learn essential functions outside the home, including shopping and work.
  • Perform all tasks associated with day-to-day living.

Program participants receive comprehensive, inter-disciplinary rehabilitation from a full team of neuro specialists, all working toward common functional goals. Most importantly, they benefit from easier transitions between facilities or outpatient settings and their homes, resulting in more durable outcomes.

Appropriate Referrals:

It’s never too early to contact Learning Services. Early intervention directly correlates with cost savings and better outcomes. Our clinical experts can assist in determining the appropriate services for each individual. And we work with a wide range of payers, including workers’ compensation, private health plans, auto and liability, liens, military, and private pay.

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